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Posted by Anonymous on Thu 27th Oct 2011 23:06
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  1. When surviving a zombie apocolypse, one must first make sure they are at peak fitness level. Before things get way out of hand, one should make sure they increase their cardio and strenth, to better be able to evade and/or kill zombies. One should also consider finding a weapon for it will greatly increase your chances of survival. One should also consider leaving highly populated areas and head for lower population and easily defendable areas. One should be wary of other survivors, and make it very clear they are not infected before entering the line of fire. Also be careful of closed spaces and butchers shops, as zombies are particularily attracted to these. If you are going to survive for more then several weeks, one must soon find a steady source of food. Trying to find supplies in cities can be risky, especially if other groups of survivors believe themselves to be entitled to all of it. Also remember to not eat anything that could possibly have the infection on it. The best strategy to survive is to let others do the dirty work. Let the military do it's job, and don't go trying to be a hero and killing every zombie in sight. Better to run and live then to fight and get eaten by a bunch of flesh bags. During your time in the zombie apocolypse, you may find yourself in some tight situations. DO NOT PANIC. This is the best way to screw up. Just take a deep breath and do what needs to be done. And if you see no way out, don't give up. Every one of those suckers you take down is one that won't get someone else. If you are in a group with outher people, make sure they trust you. Do not abandon your crew. This will result in them not trusting you, if they survive. And lastly and most importantly, clean up your mess. Don't go unnessicarily destroying stuff. No one likes people who blow up buildings just to kill one or two zombies inside.

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