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Documenting the Death of America and Much More
Posted by Anonymous on Sun 29th Jun 2014 00:35
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  1. Documenting the Death of America and Much More
  9.  In the near future, most of you will wake up one day
  10. and realize the startling fact that the American people
  11. have completely lost control of their country. It may take
  12. more time for others to finally realize, but everyone will.
  13. Those working for government most likely won’t realize this
  14. until they loose their jobs and their homes as well.
  16. This is not a threat. This is a promise. It’s happening.
  18. How do I know?  I’m an American ... I’ve been watching.
  20. I’ve been reading ... I’ve been keeping track of events.
  22. I KNOW
  24. The major event confirming the fall of the American empire?
  26.  CNPC-Gazprom. Known as “the holy grail” deal to counter
  27. the petro-dollar stranglehold over the world. This created
  28. a “domino effect” , one country after another began to
  29. form alliance with the BRICS and soon enough, the world
  30. is now getting ready to drop the petro-dollar and set up
  31. SDR-style exchanges.
  33. The only country Obama/Kerry ended up isolating was America.
  35.  We have become isolated by our own sanctions, our foreign
  36. policy has fucked us one end out the other, this will end bad.
  38.  Some comments I’ve read online from people who live in
  39. America claim “this is good news” refering to the collapse
  40. of the evil western banking empire. And yes, it may be good
  41. news for some of the people living within the BRICS nations.
  43.  But let’s stick with some facts as to how this is going to
  44. effect you, me and every other American as well.
  46.  1. We are going to see dramatic increases of prices from
  47. food to fuel by 2015, are Americans ready for that?
  49.  2. We are going to, inevitably, see our dollar loose
  50. reserve currency status - therefore we will no longer be
  51. the major superpower anymore. Understand what that means?
  53.  3. Inevitably we will live to witness a full-scale collapse.
  54. This will not be pretty. I am talking “bail-ins”, mass starvation,
  55. riots, killing, looting, spreading of disease (no healthcare),
  56. rape, blackouts, mass supply shortages for years to come and
  57. martial law may be declared. The average person will not have
  58. a running toilet to shit in, much less have enough toilet paper
  59. to wipe their asses with *UNLESS they are fully prepared for this
  60. kind of economic disaster to unfold. I do recommend prepping.
  62.  4. When times get this tough, most governments end up going
  63. full-retard ; they panic and yes they get out of control,
  64. many times they end up killing their own civilians recouping
  65. from power-craven-withdrawal symptoms. Are you really ready
  66. to witness a much more hardcore fascistic police state? The
  67. truth is you may see a civil war break out after knee-jerking
  68. reactions such as mass gun confiscation and mass internment.
  70.  The truth is this - you WILL NOT see martial law declared right
  71. away - the government will watch the crisis fully unfold, while
  72. people are looting and killing each other over basic supplies.
  73. When enough people have starved to death - ONLY THEN will you
  74. see deployment of mercenary forces / LEC SWAT teams used to
  75. confiscate firearms from the rest of those whom survived!
  77. And if all hell boils over, add 5. Nuclear World War III.
  81.  I have chosen to lay low and document all of this as long
  82. as I still can. I have provided a link below - a ZIP full of
  83. recent events, most information of relevant importance.
  85.  (49.2MB)
  88.  Everything I have collected is being dispersed to various
  89. sources, and I have planned storing vast information underground
  90. in faraday cages to protect it from being destroyed by future
  91. EMP attacks. This information will explain to future generations
  92. how America collapsed and the motherfuckers who were behind this
  93. treason. I do hope someday our military will seek vengeance
  94. upon these major players.
  96.   - KILLCEN.

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