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Posted by Anonymous on Thu 16th Jun 2011 22:07
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  1. <clarjon1> ocre: D E C E P T I O N
  2. <BardicKnowledge> will watch in a few
  3. <ocre> or do all the survivors of the virus get thrown into a cell?
  4. <ShinnyMetal|DoinShit> that piano is still so nice haha
  5. <[Smoke]> yay, I have to red cross this weekend
  6. <clarjon1> oh, a virus
  7. <ocre> shin :3
  8. <clarjon1> I N F E C T I O N
  9. <maybeeilios> hey OCRE do you think nightmare.jpg is creepy
  10. <maybeeilios> y/n
  11. <ocre> uh huh.
  12. <ocre> maybe: maybe
  13. <ocre> it looks a little silent hilly
  14. <Raccool> oh, a cureI
  15. <Raccool> I N J E C T I O N
  16. <sixto> YES
  17. <Raccool> cure*
  18. <sixto> perfect
  19. <[Smoke]>
  20. <maybeeilios> @sixto nope
  21. <maybeeilios> R E J E C T I O N
  22. <ocre> B A N
  23. <Raccool> sixto is sad
  24. <Raccool> D E J E C T I O N
  25. <maybeeilios> i knew this would happen
  26. <maybeeilios> P R O J E C T I O N
  27. <maybeeilios> (extra letter because i'm that gangsta)
  28. <ocre> P R E D I C T I O N
  29. <Raccool> so you took extra steps to prevent it
  30. <Raccool> P R O T E C T I O N
  31. <ocre> I didn't think Inception was all that great.
  32. <maybeeilios> more like
  33. <maybeeilios> P R E V E N T I O N
  34. <clarjon1> ocre: so it had a bad R E C E P T I O N?
  35. <ocre> same bullshit testosterone-fueled obligation to like it as the Dark Knight
  36. <Raccool> i was doing my best to change as few letters as possible
  37. <maybeeilios> yeah, that was my bad
  38. <maybeeilios> i'll make it up to you
  39. <maybeeilios> R E D E M P T I O N

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